Lady Tylora
Starting Information
Kingdom Kingdom of Tolrania
Title Claimant
Gender Female
Age 34
Personality Liege
Household Troops Nibor's Brotherhood Marksmen
Unique Template None
Fullview Tylora

Lady Tylora is a claimant to the throne of the Kingdom of Tolrania and a sister of Nibor Hood.

Tylora's claimEdit

I am Tylora, rightful Leader of Tolrania. My brother, Nibor Hood, is only an act. I am the one who controls the Free Born, and controls them through him. He has lost sight of our purpose, and instead wanders around looting and pillaging Tolranian lords. I believe that Tolrania should not be a monarchy, but a Republic, like the founders promised it would be. Only ambitious fools like Torlan like the power for themselves.
Torlian has ignored the dictates of our founders, and instead chooses to rule the country in his own tyrannical way. I tried to stop him -- many times, but with the military backing him, there is little I can do. Torlian rules Tolrania with an iron fist. My brother does what he can, but it is not enough.
Anyway, let me continue my tale. I was the daughter of a farmer, and my mother died during childbirth. I rose up the ranks through the freeborn in my teenage years. I quickly became leader of the Free Men, with my brother acting as the strength behind us. We have been fighting a long and bloody war with Torlian for years but to no avail. But no matter - I will raise an army sooner or later to wipe that man off the face of the earth! He has no right to rule this country, and took it through force. Tolrania should be a republic, and not follow the footsteps of our ancestors, the cursed Hakkon Empire.

Torlian's responseEdit

Tylora seems to be awfully sure of herself. Her army is fighting a losing war, her resources are dwindling, and she is losing support. She thinks that she should be the leader of a 'Free Perisno!' What a joke! Tolrania has prospered under my rule, and it could not have done if Tylora was the ruler. Her ideas of a republic are foolish and impossible.
The people who stir up trouble are all outlaws and bandits, like Tylora's brother himself, Nibor Hood. He claims to be honorable but steals from anyone passing through and demands a toll! Giving to the poor, he says! Well, the poor are still poor! I see no changes all these long years. No, Nibor does what he does only for greed. Tylora and her brother are only flies to be swatted.

Skills Edit

Skills Tylora
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