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Kingdom of Tolrania, with a good balance between heavy infantry and archer, has a very formidable army composition. From lower tier troops to top tier troops, Tolrania troops tend to be balanced, well equipped, and have distinct roles.

Tolrania Troop tree



Household troops:

Other troops:

Noble Troop[]

Starting from 0.6, the noble recruitment is available from town and castle. Also, since town has relationship point, the amount of the recruited noble will increase along with relationship point. Tolranian noble starts from Tolranian Squire, a swift medium-armor cavalry. They will turn to Tolranian Knight, a powerful well-armored and swift heavy cavalry lancer or Tolranian Royal Hunter, an infantryman armed with a polehammer and new for 1.0, a Longbow.


Because of the unique troop layout, Kingdom of Tolrania is at best marching both archer and heavy infantry slowly, while keeping 2 groups: 1 group of Tolranian Hacker as shock infantry to the flank, keeping away from enemy's shooting range; and 1 group of Tolranian Headhunters to break the formation and draw attention of the enemy's infantry block.

While dealing with cavalry, just keep your Hackers and heavy infantry like King's Guard and Kingsmen in a rank formation and it will stop the charge, chopping down horses and men in the process.