The final faction that will emerge within the land of Perisno, carrying the name and will of the ancient. This faction will be formed once player becomes a monarch under his/her name.


The one and true kingdom in past within the land of Perisno, this kingdom was once a glorious and prosperous nation in the land. Until suddenly they collapsed, most likely due to internal struggle within the kingdom. And now with many other faction at war within the land in because of power struggle, hoping the return of Perisno Kingdom is most likely vain and returning the kingdom to it's former glory is impossible.

However, within the mountain that borders Hakkon and Drahara, an ancient ruin remains from the former mighty Perisno Kingdom. The Third Legion, which is a group of people who are the descendant of the ancient kingdom still roams the land, opposing every faction and other neutral forces under the reason for the sake of reforming and returning the glory to the kingdom built by their ancestor.

The other group that wishes for the kingdom's return is the party of Perisno Pilgrims, the people who are also descendant of the ancient kingdom. These people, unlike the Third Legion, are descendant of the common people of the Perisno Kingdom. They are wishing for the kingdom's rebirth with a peaceful way, unlike their noble counterpart, the Legions. They keep searching for a hero that may have the power to bring the kingdom back to the land.


Perisno is a flexible nation, which the policy can be adjusted by the ruler. It can be either the King/Queendom of Perisno or the Perisno Republic. And the policy can be a rule that brings justice and prosperity for the people or a dictatorship that only the ruler is allowed to be happy.


  • Player (ruler)
  • Turning companion into vassals
  • Recruit vassals from other faction by persuasion
  • Vassals from other faction that leaves and joined Perisno faction


Kingdom of Perisno Troop Tree

A more detailed discussion about Kingdom of Perisno military force can be seen here.



  • Any town that captured from other factions (the first captured one becomes the court, if a town is the first conquered and not a castle).


  • Any castle that captured from other factions (the first captured one becomes the court, if a castle is the first conquered and not a town).


  • The villages that connected to the captured town or castle.
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