The Kingdom of Perisno is the final faction that can emerge within the land of Perisno, carrying the name and will of the ancient. This faction will be formed once the player becomes a monarch under his/her own name.


The Kingdom of Perisno is the incarnation of the cultural and societal values of the Perisno Pilgrims, a dream of a Perisno united under one ruler and living in harmony with the splendor of the land. The inspiration for this idea comes from the spiritual practices of the Venetoran Empire, Perisno's first great power. These practices were centered around worship of the land, its resources, and the vast diversity of life that it sustains.

The Darkforest

The Darkforest is a mythical place that has a special connection to the Kingdom of Perisno. It is described as a grove of silver oak trees in the heart of the greatest forest in Perisno, so dense that daylight cannot penetrate its interior. It is presented as the oasis in the neverending sea of trees and a refuge against the dangers of the world, where animals and spirits come to rest. The Darkforest is a symbol of the kind of utopia the Kingdom of Perisno strives to provide.

Popular support

Many lords and citizens are sympathetic to the cause of the Perisno Pilgrims and the vision of the Kingdom of Perisno, and choose to fight for these beliefs. The following lords and companions utilize Perisnoan troops in their armies:

The leader of the Perisno Pilgrims, Nox of Zephilli, also leads an army of Perisnoan troops in his unique spawn.


The form of government of the ancient kingdom is unknown to anyone. The new kingdom has a flexible government, because the policy is determined by the player. Therefore, they can either become the king/queen of Perisno, or create a Perisnoan republic. The ruler can create justice and prosperity for the people or bring cruelty and despair for ages to come. Such is the flexibility and volatility of a new kingdom that could adopt a completely new culture and doctrine for their military at the whim of their monarch.


  • Player as the leader of the faction.
  • Companions into vassals (companion will remain as vassal afterward, never return as party member)
  • Vassals from the other kingdoms that join your faction through several means.


Tier Troop
1st Perisno Recruit
2nd Perisno Militia
3rd Perisno Footman Perisno Bowman
4th Perisno Man at Arms Perisno Archer
5th Perisno Cavalry Perisno Warrior Perisno Rune Archer
6th Perisno Darkforest Cavalry Perisno Champion Perisno Guardsman Perisno Darkforest Archer
Tier Troop
1st Perisno Squire
2nd Perisno Ranger Knight Perisno Great Knight

A more detailed discussion about Kingdom of Perisno military forces can be seen here.



  • Any town that captured from other factions (the first captured one becomes the court, if a town is the first conquered and not a castle).


  • Any castle that captured from other factions (the first captured one becomes the court, if a castle is the first conquered and not a town).


  • The villages that connected to the captured town or castle.

Special Feature

There are 2 vassals eligible to be wed by male player characters. The two vassals are Princess Linthradil of Elintor and Princess Birgit of Reich. These marriage will allow player to ask his wife to rebel to join her husband's kingdom or ask her to rebel and became leader of her own kingdom. By choosing the second option the Kingdom of Perisno will be formed, and player will become the first vassal of the kingdom as well as marshal of the Kingdom.

Kingdom Cultures

The culture of the kingdom and types of troops that can be recruited from within it's villages can be set via Chancellor and it is up to the player to adjust the Kingdom of Perisno to whatever culture suits their fancy. Here are the cultures available and prices:

Culture Price Additional Notes
Perisno Free
Tolrania 40k
Drachen 80k
Draharan 80k
Maccavian 60k
Elintoran 160k
Hakkon 80k
Valahir 120k
Realm of the Falcon 1,000k Certain conditions must be met. (first post under "useful stuff")
Kaikoth 240k
Geldarin 300k Price becomes 180k if you have positive relation with the Geldar.
Cretas 80k
Kuu-Lan 100k
Bakhal 200k
Sut 200k
Aroulo 100k
Zannese 240k Only after Zann Invasion occurs.
The Third Legion 500k Must finish the Venetoran Empire Quest first.

Switching culture changes the following:

  • Recruits from villages and castles.
  • Type of weapons/armor/horses towns might sell.
  • Will influence the type of troops your vassals use only when you tell me to do so.

Additionally, a player monarch can force his vassals to switch the type of troops that they hire and use for their garrison, the options are as follow:

  1. I want you to start training troops from the culture of my kingdom.
  2. I want you to sign a contract with the Freelancer Guild and start recruiting their soldiers.
  3. I want you to start training the same soldiers that are trained for me by the Mercenary Guild.

Bear in mind that choosing any of these options will yield a -10 relation to the vassal regardless of their personality and they will also lose any household troops they had prior to the switch. So it is recommended you do this to lords that are generic in terms of recruited troops.


  • Sending a recruiter on a mission to get falconian troops will result on him getting Farmers instead, which can then be trained into Perisno Recruits.
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