King Torlian
Starting Information
Kingdom Kingdom of Tolrania
Title Monarch
Gender Male
Age 59
Personality Liege
Household Troops Tolranian Champions
Unique Template None
Fullview Torlian

King Torlian is the monarch of the Kingdom of Tolrania and an uncle of Field Marshal Lioniasus.


King Torlian is a strong and valorous ruler. While he was still a prince, Torlian was a Kingsman in the Tolranian army renowned for both his outstanding battle prowess and his leadership. His father, King Calarin, was and still is considered to be one of the wisest and most benevolent monarchs of all time. When Calarin died at the age of 78, he was put under extreme pressure by his father to live up to the reputation of his father.

After he became king, Torlian appointed Lionaisus as Field Marshal to replace the retired Field Marshal Dacien hero of the Battle of Halfith. Their combined political and martial skills instilled fear in the Elintoran elves, and under their leadership they brought to town of Vinica to the Kingdom of Tolrania after a historical battle that shook every other faction's desire to wage war against Tolrania.

Army Edit

Aside from his very large standard Tolranian army, King Torlian also fields the Tolranian Champions, his royal household troops. Tolranian Champions are battle hardened Kingsmen that were handpicked by the king himself to be trained in mounted combat. They are very powerful and are recognized as the most prestigious division of Kingsmen.

Fiefs Edit

At the start of the game King Torlian owns the town of Leuven, and the villages Suvant and Chriton.

Skills Edit

King Torlian is an exceptionally good fighter, leader, trainer and tactician.

Skills Torlian
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