King Ingveld
Starting Information
Kingdom Valahir Clan
Title Monarch
Gender Male
Age 58
Personality Liege
Household Troops Valahir Vanadis
Unique Template None
Fullview Ingveld

King Ingveld is the monarch of the Valahir Clan. He starts out as the ruler of Grund, and will not cease to be the lord of said city without quite a battle.

King Ingveld usually fields a rather large army of around 400 soldiers. The player needs to be careful, because King Ingveld has a large amount of heavy cavalry in his army, making him the only starting member of the Valahir clan to have cavalry in his army. He also usually has a large amount of Valahir Jarls in his army, which gives him the edge of heavy infantry, and makes him one of the toughest kings in the game.

Lore and Speculation Edit

King Ingveld is the leader of the Valahir clan. In 0.73, he wears a dwarven helmet, suggesting possible relation to the Kaikoth, as no other vassal of the Valahir wears one of those helmets. Even stranger though, is that in 0.73, he appears to wield a second version of Flamebringer, the sword used by the companion Aracanus. This is odd as they do not have any large physical resemblance to each other, and Aracanus is by his own claim, a member of a more "ancient race" anyway. What could be implied is that King Ingaveld may have killed a member of Aracanus' race, and then taken the sword. Since Ingveld has possible Kaikoth connections, and Aracanus wear's armor mainly worn by vassals of The Realm of the Falcon, and those two nations are quite close, it seems possible that there could have been some kind of battle where one of Aracanus' kin died at the hands of King Ingveld.

Skills Edit

Skills Ingveld
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