King Bullius
Starting Information
Kingdom Sut Giants
Title Vassal
Gender Male
Age 46
Personality Good-natured
Household Troops None
Unique Template Yes
Fullview Bullius

King Bullius is a vassal of Grand Chieftain Azhar of Sut Giants.
For the glory of the Great Holy Bull he leads the party of Glorious Knights of The Great Holy Bull.

Fiefs Edit

At the start of the game King Bullius owns nothing.

True Identity Edit

King Bullius, upon joining the player faction, will turn into the vassal "Lord Filikos", and will field Illica Falki troops, ditching the Bull Knights. His personality will also be changed to cunning and he will receive 15 skill points the player can spend by talking to him.

King Bullius is actually the Illican Lord Filikos, a man masquerading as a clown and a joke in giant politics. Because of this, he was accepted into the Sut vassalage, as a cheerful butt of a joke. His original intention was to direct the giants of Sut to wage war against the Reich des Drachen, but upon joining the player kingdom, he sees no further purpose to continue using his disguise.

This is further proved by the equipment of the Glorious Knights of the Great Holy Bull. Their stats are identical to Illica Falki Knights, and their equipment is assorted Drachen equipment: looted from their sworn enemies.

Skills Edit

Skills Bullius
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