Kaiserliche Dragoner


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Kaiserliche Dragoners are the household troops of Kaiser Otto IV.

These elite imperial dragoon knights are among the best cavalry units of the Reich. Heavily armed, armored, and riding on plated imperial horses of the Reich, these knights can tear through and decimate anything that stands in their way with their powerful lance charges using the Knight's Lord Lance.

If de-horsed or fighting in close quarters, they can use their Bastard Knighthammers to knock any unfortunate soul foolish enough to take them head-on and take them prisoner.

Although powerful they are easily outmaneuvered by light cavalry such as horse-archers who can inflict damage from range or lightly-armored knight cavalry that can distract them and lead them away from your main attacking force so it is best that they follow you through the enemy foot ranks instead of mindlessly charging on their own and getting distracted by mobile skirmishers.


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