Household troops are either troops that are unique to a lord or are rare units that a particular lord fields in notable numbers. The only way to recruit other lords' household troops is to rescue them as prisoners. The strength of household troops may vary but they tend to be above average quality. Troop names in italics are available from other sources.

It is worth noting that if you change the culture of a vassal's troops, he will lose his household troops.

Lords and their troopsEdit

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Player's Household troops Edit

As of 0.8, it is possible for the player to hire from their constable the Household Guard for 10000 aurums. This unit has extremely high attributes, skills and profiencies but no equipment at the start: in fact, it's the player, through a dialog option, that has to give them everything from their armor to their weapons. Due to their high skills in everything regarding weapons, you can give them everything, moreover giving them equipment won't result in extra cost, making them a very good investment over time, allowing you to "build up" their equipment without incurring in many financial problems over time.