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Herzog Oskar with his household troops, the Drachenmeisters.

Household troops are either troops that are unique to a lord or are rare units that a particular lord fields in notable numbers. The only way to recruit other lords' household troops is to rescue them as prisoners. The strength of household troops may vary but they tend to be above average quality.

It is worth noting that if the player changes the culture of a vassal's troops, that vassal will lose their household troops.

Lords and their troops[]

Kingdom of Tolrania[]

Kingdom of Tolrania
Lord Troop Level Other users
King Torlian Tolranian Champion 60 Unique
Field Marshal Lioniasus Tolranian Lion Kingsman 44 Unique
Count Rylorius Tolranian Knight of the Crown 44 Unique
Count Tolranius Tolranian Valor Kingsman 44 Torlan's Kingsman Elites
Count Graianius Lymbard Knight 40 Lymbardian Knights parties
Lady Tylora Nibor's Brotherhood Marksman 38 Nibor Hood parties
Count Stanmara Galwe Royal Engineer 36 Viscount Regal
Viscount Regal Galwe Royal Engineer 36 Count Stanmara
Count Calarius Calarius Kingsman 35 Tolranian Renegades parties
Viscount Meravian Tolranian Mercenary Lancer 30 Tolranian mercenaries
Count Ryinia Tolranian Squire of the Crown 26 Unique
Viscount Rafaracus Tolranian Yeoman 26 Unique
Count Myrinia Tolranian Squire 22 Tolranian nobles
Viscount Berana Lymbard Squire 20 Lymbardian Knights parties

Reich des Drachen[]

Reich des Drachen
Lord Troop Level Other users
Baron Gereon Wolf Constable 85 Wolf Knights parties
Herzog Oskar Drachenmeister 70 Unique
Kaiser Otto IV Kaiserliche Dragoner 60 Unique
Baron Hermann Wyvern Dragoner 60 Unique
Princess Birgit Wyvern Rider 48 Unique
High Priest Exladimus Drachen Priester 48 Sectarian Dragon Priests
Baron Matthias Drachen Priester 48 Sectarian Dragon Priests
Baron Fridl Klingen Dragoner 45 Unique
Baron Richard Drachenherz Ritter 42 Unique
Graf Theobald Raubritter 42 Unique
Graf Kurt Drachen Elite Landsknecht 36 Drachen mercenaries
Baron Hendrik Drachen Graugardist 35 Baron Hanns
Baron Hanns Drachen Graugardist 35 Baron Hendrik
Baron Reinhold Drachen Kavallerie 33 Drachen troops


Lord Troop Level Other users
Emir Grasullah Draharan Shadow Assassin 66 Unique
Sultan Yusuf al-Salah Draharan Royal Rider 48 Draharan nobles
Sheikh Qalawun Draharan Elephant Kawakan 48 Uniter Zengi's mercenaries
Emir Barakat Draharan Elephant Kawakan 48 Uniter Zengi's mercenaries
Vizier Khalil Draharan Desert Assassin 44 Draharan troops
Emir Sharif Draharan Ghareebian Cavalry 43 Unique
Emir Ihab Ihab's Bodyguard 38 Unique
Sahib Samir Draharan Garuda 38 Unique
Emir Najib Draharan War Rider 37 Draharan troops
Emir Harith Draharan Camel Rider 33 Draharan Camel Riders parties
Sahib Khalid Draharan Dune Rider 29 Draharan nobles
Sahib Nadir Draharan Light Rider 27 Draharan troops


Lord Troop Level Other users
Agathor Krex Divine Aethling 50 Aethling Culgrah's parties
Prince Drachus Flywing Maccavian Knight of Steel 50 Maccavian nobles
Lord Tytus Rex Knight of the Lost Hope 50 Unique
Lord Marayirr Volheere Mercenary Warlord 42 Maccavian mercenaries
Lord Falcus Maccavian Wolf Rider 38 Unique
Queen Trisna Maccavian Myrmidon 35 Unique
Lord Bergur Kiarjan Interceptor 30 Unique
Lord Olaf Kiarjan Mauler 30 Unique
Lord Fenris Kijin Watcher 30 Unique
Lord Gerlad Kijin Corpsman 30 Corpsman parties
Lord Ragnor Maccavian Mounted Marksman 30 Maccavian troops
Lord Bergur Bounty Hunter 26 Border Patrol parties


Lord Troop Level Other users
Archduke Berlaeduil Elintoran Moon Knight 65 Duke Gwedagelnen
Duke Gwedagelnen Elintoran Moon Knight 65 Archduke Berlaeduil
Archduke Valthaauuionnon Elintoran Elite 64 Elintoran Elites parties
Queen Arwen Elintoran Guardian 60 Lord Aethlindil
Lord Aethlindil Elintoran Guardian 60 Queen Arwen
Archduke Albondiel Elintoran Crimson Ranger 60 Lord Aethlindil
Princess Linthradil Elintoran Noble Maiden 55 Unique
Duke Naraglad Perisno Ranger Knight 48 Perisno nobles
Archduke Zaos Elintoran Ranger 45 Elintoran troops
Archduke Bregedon Perisno Champion 44 Perisno troops
Duke Tharlaithion Elintoran Master Scout 36 Unique
Duke Galasmaedhen Elintoran Mercenary Redguard 25 Elintoran mercenaries

Hakkon Empire[]

Hakkon Empire
Lord Troop Level Other users
Emperor Hakkon II Hakkon Imperial Bodyguard 60 Unique
Imperial General Hakkon III Hakkon Inquisitor 50 Hakkon Inquisitors parties
Hakkon Leonidas Hakkon Veteran Legionnaire 50 Unique
Hakkon Julius Hakkon Royal Sniper 50 Unique
Hakkon Valerius Hakkon Valerean Knight 46 Unique
Hakkon Maximus Hakkon Imperial Knight 45 Hakkon nobles
Aris Hakkon Hakkon Royal Guard 42 Hakkon Amirmoez
Hakkon Amirmoez Hakkon Royal Guard 42 Aris Hakkon
Sayeda Alexis Hakkon Imperial Maiden 32 Unique
Hakkon Severus Freelancer Squire 31 Freelancer troops
Hakkon Nikandros Hakkon Light Lancer 25 Unique

Realm of the Falcon[]

Realm of the Falcon
Lord Troop Level Other users
Field Marshal Gunnar Renweard Marshal 70 Unique
Eorl Diendarion Frod Sceotend Fealcan 65 Falcon troops
Eorl Dracarion Seleweard Fealcan 55 Unique
Eorl Lucarion Gehorsod Helend 44 Falcon troops

Valahir Clan[]

Valahir Clan
Lord Troop Level Other users
Aethling Hallbjorn Valahir Berserker 60 Unique
Aethling Siguard Valahir Veteran Huskarl 46 Unique
King Ingveld Valahir Vanadis 40 Unique
Aethling Gudrodar Valahir Hersir 40 Valahir troops
Aethling Sigmundr Valahir Huskarl 40 Valahir troops
Aethling Sigmundr Valahir Ullr 40 Valahir troops
Aethling Ragir Valahir Rekkr 38 Aethling Onund
Aethling Onund Valahir Rekkr 38 Aethling Ragir

Kaikoth Confederation[]

Kaikoth Confederation
Lord Troop Level Other users
King Bergnar Kaikoth Vanguard 60 Kaikoth nobles
Drgrimst Gomur Kaikoth Dreagrd 58 Unique
Drgrimst Harunn Kaikoth Mountain Keeper 58 Kaikoth troops
Drgrimst Sargoll Kaikoth Elder Seeker 50 Unique
Drgrimst Durzad Kaikoth Smith 44 Unique
Drgrimst Calrak Kaikoth Foreman 40 Unique
Drgrimst Calrak Kaikoth Master Miner 20 Unique


Lord Troop Level Other users
Geldarin King Rhinio Geldarin Honor Guard 60 Geldarin Army parties
Geldarin Lord Oroe Geldarin Forest Warden 60 Geldarin troops
Eriallen Krysanna Gatrodectus Shadestalker 63 Unique
Eriallen Krysanna Geldarin Fountain Temptress 52 Unique

Cretas Monarchy[]

Cretas Monarchy
Lord Troop Level Other users
King Aolas Cretasan Ironclad 45 Cretasan nobles
Liana Liana's Illican Hunter 25 Unique
Liana Liana's Illican Ranger 35 Unique
Liana Liana's Dragon Hunter 45 Unique
Liana Liana's Dread Knight 47 Unique

Kuu-lan Horde[]

Kuu-lan Horde
Lord Troop Level Other users
Boshman Baatur Kuu-lan Ataman 54 Kuu-lan nobles
Atabek Aksakal Kuu-lan Manaatch 40 Unique

Bakhal Giants[]

Bakhal Giants
Lord Troop Level Other users
Vandr Jornleikr Bakhal Champion 60 Bakhal troops
Ofugr Vanigos Bakhal Blood Shaman 48 Blood Shaman parties
Ofugr Lokidon Bakhal Skullshooter 30 Bakhal troops
Ofugr Skirn Bakhal Warmonger 65 Bakhal nobles

Sut Giants[]

Sut Giants
Lord Troop Level Other users
Grand Chieftain Azhar Sut Chieftain 60 Minor Sut Nobles parties
Chieftain Grolok Sut Bonebreaker 48 Unique
Chieftain Trenoz Sut Chieftain's Guard 42 Sut armies
King Bullius Glorious Knight of the Great Holy Bull 40 Unique

Aroulo Ojibwakan[]

Aroulo Ojibwakan
Lord Troop Level Other users
Aroulo Pomaahkaa Aroulo Beast Slayer 48 Aroulo nobles
Chief Qochata Aroulo Bowmaster 27 Aroulo troops

Venetoran Empire[]

Venetoran Empire
Lord Troop Level Other users
Visavo Hendrus Venetoran Urban 47 Unique
Atanos Austad Venetoran Atanon Guard 45 Atanos Octiem's Third Legion

Zann Dynasty[]

Zann Dynasty
Lord Troop Level Other users
Emperor Zann Mandate of Heaven Zann Emperor's Guardian 60 Zann hordes
General Sung Wo Zann Kheshig 42 Zann hordes
General Chinghis Zann Mounted Berserker 42 General Yachamoci
General Yuan Zann Yumi Master 42 Zann troops
General Atila Black Warrior 38 General Yachamoci
General Qin Min Zann Monk 35 Zann hordes
General Tokugawa Zann Kamikaze Warrior 32 Onishi

Companion Household troops[]

Lord Troop Level Other users
Aracanus Arcane Defender 70 Unique
Alindel Perisno White Knight 60 Unique
Shi Jin Jin Eagle Eye 50 Unique
Marcus Holy Crusader 50 Holy Crusaders parties
Slyter Batman 50 Unique
Kara Maiden of War 50 Female Mercenary parties
Uldin Volheere Berserker 48 Volheere Raiders parties
Tamaris Geldarin Silver Widow 45 Unique
Dietrich Drachen Dragoner 44 Drachen troops
Silivethiel Elintoran Sunrise Rider 44 Elintoran troops
Barombur Kaikoth High Seeker 44 Kaikoth troops
Tylen Tylen Rogue Kingsman 40 Unique
Fazl Draharan Duskguard 38 Draharan mercenaries
Kengesh Kuu-lan Lankes 35 Kuu-lan troops
Hyk Hylr Raider 33 Unique
Antiope Ankars Huntress 33 Ankars parties

Player's Household Troops[]

A Household Guard with endgame-tier equipment

Once they capture a castle and own it through vassalage or creating your own faction, the player can recruit Household Guard troops from their constable for 10,000 aurums. This unit has extremely high attributes, skills, and profiencies, and their armor and weapon loadout is fully customizeable. Due to these high skills in every area, they can be equipped with very powerful equipment at no extra cost to the player. They can only be recruited through a castle constable.