Household Guard


Weekly Wages
54-216 aurums (non-mounted) 81-325 aurums (mounted)
Acquire From
Player's constable
Upgrades To

Household Guards are unique troops that the player can recruit to form their own household troops. They can be hired from your constable once you own a castle and cost 10,000 aurums each.

Household Guards' race and equipment can be customized by the player. The race and gender of the Household Guards can be changed under the "Manage your Kingdom" option on the main menu of any player-controlled town. The equipment of the Household Guards can be changed by talking to those in the player's party.

Unlike Custom Mercenaries, the equipment of the Household Guards must be equipped onto them from the player's own inventory. However, it takes only one item to equip the entire Household Guards- including those not currently in the player's party. Furthermore, due to the high stats of the Household Guards, they can wield almost every piece of equipment. This also includes Legendary Weapons such that each and every single one of the player's Household Guards can wield one into battle.

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