High Priest Exladimus
Starting Information
Kingdom Reich des Drachen
Title Claimant
Gender Male
Age 50
Personality Liege
Household Troops Drachen Priester
Unique Template None
Fullview HPE

High Priest Exladimus is a claimant to the throne of Reich des Drachen.

Exladimus's claimEdit

I am the High Priest of the Dragon, Exladimus. I am the leader of the Priests of the Dragon that originate from the Isle of the Dragon, in the homeland of the Reich. I am also the right hand of the Emperor, who has grown weak and foolish. Otto seems to think he is still in control, but in truth, all the lords despise him. The Church of the Dragon is also gaining more power and converts. I believe that Otto should not rule anymore.
I was born in the Reich homeland, the Isle of the Dragon, where all of my generation come from. Otto was only a general in our homeland, but he was the one selected to lead the Drache here and rule. However, he has done poorly and we have not conquered as many territories as we should. I believe that I, the leader of the mighty Church of the Dragon and holder of all of its secrets, should be the one leading the Reich towards glory.
I will not stop until I control the Reich. We should not be divided by this way. The Church is much more powerful and wealthier than Otto can ever hope to be.

Otto's responseEdit

The foolish man, Exladimus, believes that his Church is almighty and powerful and thinks that just because his men share a bond with the Dragons, he is the rightful ruler.
The Dragon Priest would do anything to gain power. He spreads lies about me and preaches garbage to everyone else, and because of that he thinks he is the rightful ruler! He claims he is far wealthier than me, but where is his proof? He had to borrow money from me some time ago, as I recall. He is a fool.

Skills Edit

Skills HPE
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