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Hakkon Mercenary Cataphracts are the special mercenary troops of the Hakkon Empire. Hakkon Mercenary Cataphracts are melee cavalry. They ride half-cataphracts, a heavily armored yet swift horse with a powerful charge.
The Cataphracts can be obtained from Commander Burtzes, an NPC that can be found in Amarna tavern, for a price of 325 aurums each.


"These rider are armoured from head to toe are one force to be reckoned with." - Torlian, King of Tolrania

The Cataphracts were a terrible cavalry force to fight up against. The horses are so heavy that a man would be mushed to a bloody pulp if caught in their charge. Their weapons so sharp that they seem to glow in when the sun shines on them. Each man trained hard and long to with stand the heat that generates in their armor. The sheer sight of the Cataphracts would scare even the most stalwart of spearmen as the men pray that their spears pierce that armor. One Cataphract is a rider from hell on its own, now imagine a force of 30 coming to ride down their enemies. That is a sight you do not want to see or experience.

When the Hakkon defectors came to Perisno, they didn't have much in way of horses. They had few to start and even less time to train. Their infantry and crossbowmen were top notch and could hold the line, but could easily be out manuevered and destroyed. They desperately tried to compensate with what they had, but their fledgeling "empire" would not survive. It was by mere dumb luck that a Cataphract Commander leading a troop of 250 Cataphracts rode up upon the colonists on their continent. The commander had asked, threateningly, who they are and why are they here. The proclaimed King of the colony told him their tale and the commander had an idea.

He presented his force to him for a price. An outpost in each town and castle they build or capture, and higher than average mercenary pay once the little colony has built itself to the kingdom it is now. The king reluctantly agreed, but in the end, it would be worth it. The commander shook hands with the king and the Hakkon Empire Cataphracts were born.  

The men who dared risk his life as a merc for the Hakkon Empire rather than a normal soldier go through hard heat training and strength training, but the pay is worth it. Each town and castle merc center is led by a man from the rider nation of Drahara. So far the Cataphracts have not failed the Hakkon, and it'll be nonsense to think they ever will.


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