The Hakkon Inquisition is a group of religious zealots that promotes the most commonly practiced by citizens of the Hakkon Empire. It is led by High Inquisitor Esarion.

Background[edit | edit source]

Most Hakkonese believe in the Lord of Faith, the most popular deity in Perisno. However, the Hakkon Inquisition's interpretation of the traditional religion, which originates in their ancient history as the Old Hakkon Empire, is particularly violent and strict. A group of priests from the Hakkon nobility, called the Hakkon High Inquisition, are the ones in charge of feeding this religion to the Hakkon population. The Hakkon Inquisition is a very influential group in Hakkon politics, and it is said that even the Emperor sometimes defers to the opinion of the High Inquisitor. If an Inquisitor deems a Hakkon lord to be a heretic, they can put him on trial anytime and even have kill him. For this reason, most of the Hakkon nobility live in fear of the Hakkon Inquisition and follow their version of the Lord of Faith, whether they truly believe in Him or not.

That being said, the Inquisition is currently in a very vulnerable state. The Emperor, Hakkon II, has recently decided to convert fully to the true Lord of Faith and actively defies the Inquisition. They cannot put him on trial without suitable evidence and the Emperor is using this fact to his advantage by harassing Inquisition patrols with secretly funded raiding forces.

The Hakkon Inquisition needs a spy to inform on the Emperor, to get close to him and collect enough evidence to get him killed. This is where the player's can tip the scales one way or the other.

Troops[edit | edit source]

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