Hakkon Empire has the most balanced troop tree in Perisno. Each troop type is not tough on its own, but are deadly in combination. It is almost as if there is no weakness in a well built army: good at both field battle and siege battle (offensively and defensively). The only downside is that while they are good when combined together, none of the Hakkon troop types are the best at anything.

Troops Edit


Household troops:

Other troops:

Noble TroopEdit

Starting from 0.6, the noble recruitment is available from town and castle. Also, since town has relationship point, the amount of the recruited noble will increase along with relationship point. Hakkon noble begins their military career as Hakkon Noble Cavalry. Once they are well experienced in battle they will be Hakkon Imperial Knight, a very powerful cavalry that can pierce the enemy army with lance or break their ranks by knocking them unconcious with the military hammer and heavy cataphract horse's charge.


Based on the troop compositions, a Hakkon army can be either aggressive or defensive. So a large number of crossbowmen and Legionnaires can make a impenetrable force while a mass of Heavy Lancers can tear apart the enemy line while King's Spearmen rip through the infantry and cavalry.

Unique FeatureEdit

All high tier Hakkon troops are easier to train comparing to other factions and are still fairly effective.