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The Grazir Worshippers are a minor faction that inhabits the lands of the Kingdom of Tolrania. It is led by the Dreaded One

The Worshippers originated a long time ago in Perisno. They have some unnaturally strong troops and their pilgrims are numerous. Occasionally, you may also even see their War Parties roaming around. The time of change is coming ... 


The Grazir Worshippers have always been in Perisno, proselytizing and attempting to spread their vile beliefs. Most sensible ignored them and passed on stories of the Worshippers to scare them, but there are always some foolish men that fall under the beliefs of Grazirs. The Grazir Worshippers are ordered in a hierarchy, with the Grazir Lord overseeing the order. None of them are actually Grazir, but rumors swirl that recently research has been made by the Grazir Worshippers to summon Grazir through the Underworld. Whether this is true or not remains for the player to decide - and find out. 


The term "Grazir" is loosely translated into, A deity of chaos who represents the cycle of death and rebirth. His followers believe that the death of this world will bring about an even better world after this where his followers will be appointed as his chief stewards if only they be his loyal servants in this life.

It could be possible that the so-called "Otherworlders" that could be seen in select bands of Grazir maruaders could be the creatures mentioned in the translations. But to this day, little knowledge as been gathered on the subject, with more trying to discover and exact number of the forementioned creatures, and where they were coming from. The only thing that scholars have confirmed, is that the sightings of these creatures are steadily increasing


The Grazir Lords are unnaturally strong and very hard to defeat. Like the Eagle Knights, lower tier Grazir troops are able to upgrade to higher tiers. Aside from the Pilgrims and Dreaded Fallen, Grazir Worshiper units are all mounted.

The Dreaded troops are deceased peasants and soldiers who have been brought back from the dead by the Dreaded One through demonic rituals. The Dreaded Doomguards serve as his personal guard.

Unique Spawns[]

Currently the Demon Worshipers field two unique spawns:

Dreaded One and Marshal Ialoch the Fiend, two leaders of the Demon Worshippers

Both spawns are extremely powerful, with the Dreaded Nightmare spawn being the deadliest of them both. The player should face them only in late-game and with an highly experienced and battle hardened army of high-tier units.


The Grazir Worshippers have little in the way of friends, as all major factions and almost every single minor faction is hostile to them at the start of the game. As a result their war parties and unique spawns tend to quickly get into battles and deplete their numbers.

This can be used to the player's advantage- if the player manages to get positive relations with the Grazir Worshippers by helping them in battles, they will be able to rescue powerful Grazir units from other war party's prisoner stacks.