Grand Paladin Siegfried
Unique Spawn Information
Culture Church of Faith
Special Troop Paladin of Faith
Party Name Order of Faith
Spawn Location Northwest of Westrey Castle

Grand Paladin Siegfried is the leader of the Church of Faith.

Background Edit

Army Edit

Grand Paladin Siegfried's party spawns with the following troops:

  • 1 Grand Paladin Siegfried

Total size: 421-566 men

Scouts Edit

Grand Paladin Siegfried's scouting parties spawn with the following troops:

  • 5-10 Templars of Faith
  • 5-15 Defenders of Faith

Siegfried's army is among the most difficult to defeat due to the menacing stats and incredibly high armour values on his heavy cavalry, as well as Siegfried himself having among the highest stats of any general. The infantry of the Church of Faith are weaker due to being lower on the upgrade path but are capable of doing a lot of damage due to the numbers Siegfried fields.

Grand Paladin Siegfried will occasionally spawn scout groups of Templars and Paladins to chase down otherwise faster armies.

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