Geldarin Border Sentinel


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Geldarin Border Sentinels are forth-tier troops of Geldar.

Geldarin Border Sentinels, if compared to their alternative - Geldarin Sergeants - differ in the following ways:

  • Worse (but less heavy) armor in general, much worse head armor in particular;
  • Worse melee weapon (a 35c knife vs a 48c two-handed sword);
  • Fewer arrows (30 vs 42);
  • Slower (88 vs 95) but more accurate (95 vs 93) bow, lower total bow+arrow raw damage (32 vs 36)
  • Higher weapon proficiencies (melee 360 vs 320, bows 360 vs 330)
  • Higher Power Draw (7 vs 6), higher Athletics (7 vs 5), lower Ironflesh (5 vs 6)
  • Smaller upkeep (25 vs 32 for Leadership 10)
  • Geldarin Border Sentinels are Spotting specialists, Geldarin Sergeants have no specialty


As their name suggests, Geldarin Border Sentinels are specifically trained and equipped for watching over the borders of Geldar. They have light equipment, great for quick and tireless movement, climbing the trees and hit-and-run tactics. They're armed with accurate bows good for quick ambushes and don't drag around more arrows than they need for their duties. They're also very observant and can help their commander with spotting other parties.
When Geldarin Border Sentinels are forced to fight in an open battle, their ranged damage output is no worse than that of Geldarin Sergeants, provided they're protected by an infantry line. Their lower 'raw' damage they compensate with higher probability of hitting enemies in the head. Their small number of arrows, however, makes them only suitable for quick skirmishes (or, alternatively, for protecting castles walls), not for long field battles. But in proper conditions they're a perfectly viable alternative to Geldarin Sergeants for a ~20% smaller upkeep.

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