Frod Sceotend Fealcan

Frod Sceotend Fealcan.png

Weekly Wages
110-439 aurums
Acquire From
Sceotend Fealcan , Rescued Prisoners
Upgrades To

Frod Sceotend Fealcen (Old English: Experienced Archer/Warrior Falcons) are third-tier cavalry troops (from the horse archers branch) fielded by Realm of the Falcon.

They're one of the most elite horse archers in the game on par with Gatrodectus Shadestalkers. As Elite Troops from the Realm of the Falcon they're expensive to field.

They can be acquired as rescued prisoners or if the player has the Realm of the Falcon culture for their kingdom, they can be enlisted from patrols and taken into player's party via ordering the patrol to garrison into player's field.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Frod Sceotend Fealcan-0.png

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