The Freelancer Outpost is a fort owned by Augustus Makmix and his Freelancer Guild. It is located on the banks of a river in the vacant plains to the west of the Kingdom of Tolrania.

Features Edit

Although the outpost can be entered freely, the player's only option is to talk to the Freelancer's leader, Augustus Makmix. Augustus offers many different types of mercenaries up for sale, upgrading into the corresponding troops along the Freelancer troop tree. The following troops can be recruited directly from Augustus:

Troop type


Final troop

Freelancer Recruit 30 aurums Any
Freelancer Soldier 100 aurums Freelancer Dismounted Knight
Freelancer Archer 100 aurums Freelancer Sharpshooter
Freelancer Rider 400 aurums Freelancer Marshal

Augustus offers the troops in quantities of 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50 at a time, meaning that the player can drop up to 20,000 aurums at a time on 50 Freelancer Riders.

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