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The Freelancer Guild is a minor faction that inhabits an outpost on the western shores of the Kingdom of Tolrania. It is led by Augustus Makmix. 


The Freelancer Guild began as temporary outpost built to harbor Augustus and his men when they were stranded on the coast of Perisno years ago. Upon seeing the potential for profit in the constant conflicts of the land, Augustus began to sell his men under mercenary contracts to lords in need of additional manpower. In the years since his arrival, Augustus has greatly expanded the Freelancer Guild's operations and trains some of the most highly skilled mercenary troops that can be found anywhere in Perisno.

Freelancer TroopsEdit

Troop tree Edit


Freelancer Guild Troop Tree

The Freelancer Guild has formidable troops, and are good all-around. They are, after all, the single best mercenary guild in the continent of Perisno. They have three separate troop trees, each specializing on their own class.

The Freelancer Marshals are one of the best cavalry troops in the entire game that can be obtained by the player. They are all hard to level up, however. 

Recruitable mercenaries Edit

In the Freelancer Outpost, you can directly hire 4 different types of troops:

Troop type


Final troop

Freelancer Recruit 30 aurums Any
Freelancer Soldier 100 aurums Freelancer Dismounted Knight
Freelancer Archer 100 aurums Freelancer Sharpshooter
Freelancer Rider 400 aurums Freelancer Marshal
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