Fountain Hall


Clearwaters, Mountain Springs, Halls' End
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The view of Fountain Hall from the watchtower

Fountain Hall is the capital city of the Realm of the Falcon. It is held by Field Marshal Gunnar at the start of the game.


Its villages are Clearwaters, Mountain Springs, Halls' End


Besieging Fountain Hall requires the construction of a siege tower. In the siege battle, the player's troops will climb the tower onto the walls of the town, however the siege tower starts on the walls and does not need to be pushed like in other sieges.


A siege against Falcon Hall is made difficult by a few factors. When you spawn, you will find yourself going up a large hill, under an arch and along a bridge. It is highly recommended you use the "Follow me" command, so none of your troops fall down the hill, and are made useless for the rest of the battle.

There is then a long approach along a bridge. Put your shield infantry infront with "Hold this position", before proceeding to order them to "Advance by ten paces" until they hit the siege ladder. This will minimize infantry casualties. Archers behind will be able to fire over the heads of your troops to damage the defenders on the walls.

It is recommended that an infantry-heavy army is used to storm the central tower that the siege tower leads to. Due to Falcon troops' blunt weapons, minimal casualties will be recieved. The player's character should focus on enemy archers to take pressure off of beaten-down infantry. Following this strategy, Fountain Hall should be relatively straightforward to conquer.

Defending Edit

Defending Fountain Hall is fairly simple. Large enemy forces come in waves, due to the distance between the spawn point and the breach point, and as such each batch of enemies can be isolated and destroyed. Effective archer placement along the walls will help here, while concentrated infantry in the main tower will defeat the few troops that make up the siege tower after the long bridge. It is suggested that the player focus on taking out enemy archers, which will most likely be the biggest threat to the defenders.

Due to the sprawling nature of Fountain Hall and its large town, multiple points of defense are possible aside from the breach point. A recommended one is by the castle gates. However, these have the disadvantage of being even further from the spawn point and there is an even larger delay between enemy waves.

Tournaments Edit

Fountain Hall tournaments take place with all figures on horseback. The weapon varieties are:

  • Lance and Shield
  • Two Handed Sword
  • Sword and Shield


Fountain Hall produces:

  • Ale
  • Bread
  • Butter
  • Flax
  • Oil
  • Pottery
  • Iron
  • Honey
  • Wool Cloth


The Guild Master for Fountain Hall can be found by going up the stairs directly to the left after going through the entrance to the town. The Guild Master will be standing right outside the tavern entance. The tavern keeper is Silver Hawk.

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