The Fountain Goddess is a religion commonly practiced by Elintoran elves. While the common Elintoran citizen is free to worship their god(s) and choose their beliefs, ancient noble Elintor houses have always worshipped the Fountain Goddess. She is said to be the very first ancestor of the elves, containing within her the power of blessing. All elven newborn are ceremonially blessed at the Fountain Temple of Elintor, though only the "purest" are greatly blessed, often becoming nobles of Elintor. Interestingly, all who are greatly blessed soon afterward show signs of higher intellect, better eyesight, and a preternatural affinity for archery. It is rumored that some has even acquired clairvoyance (e.g. the Priestess of the Fountain).

Why is she called "Fountain Goddess"? It is a mystery that continues to fascinate foreign scholars and historical researchers, but it is rooted in rumor and innuendo. Supposedly, in the Elintoran homeland, the Goddess is actually still very much alive, living at a magical Fountain, where she scrys the Fountain itself. The myth extols her clairvoyant ability to reach across the World, using links to other similar fountains to bestow blessings.

Priest-Priestess of the Fountain Edit

The blessing of the Fountain Goddess can rarely give much better far sight, sometimes even the ability to see through objects, and very far away. But once in a thousand years (not precise) the most gifted newborn of the Elintor is given something much greater than just far sight. It's clairvoyance. Once an individual is blessed with such power, they are obliged to be raised in the Temple, by the previous Priest-Priestess, destined to one day replace their surrogate parent. The priest or priestess grants visions and guidance to the ruler during times of great national distress and also bestows blessings upon newborns.

Goddess's Blessing of the Newborn Edit

Every elven newborn is blessed by the Priest-Priestess of the Fountain. It is mandatory and must occur directly after birth. Although all newborn are blessed, the more gifted individuals are oftentimes greatly blessed and immediately join the rank of Elintor Nobles, no matter their previous standing. The same goes for Noble newborns, they will not become a Noble if they are only poorly blessed.

Elintor Lineage Edit

The Elintoran see the Goddess's Blessing as the way to recognize lineage. The closer you are to the ancient "true" lineage, the greater blessing you will get. Hence the lineage of Elintorans is far different from humans.

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