Perisno Weaopn Test

Perisno Weaopn Test



Flamebringer is a legendary sword in the world of Perisno. 

It was originally created (in the year 212) and wielded by a man named Einsvarth, who claimed to have secret formulas for the production of all kinds of creative weapons. However, his claims became his undoing and soon greedy bandits who wanted the weapon attacked and ransacked his manor. Legend says that Einsvarth secreted the weapon away, safe from his attackers and the inevitable fortune hunters that followed in the times to come. 

In the year 355, a man named Aracanus came from nowhere and began making a name for himself. He wielded Flamebringer, and claimed to be a descendant of Arcanis.


Flambringer is one of the best swords in Perisno, and a legendary weapon. It has a swing attack of 56c, 36p thrust and has a long reach. It also has fire surrounding the weapon, giving a new meaning to its name, 'Flamebringer.' Perhaps the only way for the player to obtain this weapon is to hire Aracanus as a companion for 20,000 aurums and take the weapon from his inventory. In .73 you can also get it when you choose the option 'My father's mysterious two handed sword option' in the inheritance screen when you create your character. You cannot get it this way in .74.

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