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Flamebringer is a legendary sword in Perisno. It was originally created (in the year 212) and wielded by a man named Arcanis, who claimed to have secret formulas for all kinds of creative weapons. However, his manor was ransacked by a group of greedy bandits who wanted the weapon. He hid it in  a safe place, and since then, no one knew where it was. 

In the year 355, a man named Aracanus came from nowhere and began making a name for himself. He wielded the Flambringer, and claimed to be a descendant of Arcanis. Perhaps the only way for the player to obtain this weapon is to hire Aracanus as a companion for 20,000 aurums and take the weapon from his inventory.


Flambringer is one of the best swords in Perisno, and a legendary weapon. It has a swing attack of 56c, 36p thrust and has a long reach. It also has fire surrounding the weapon, giving a new meaning to its name, 'Flamebringer.'