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|[[Sut Giants]]
|[[Sut Giants]]
|[[Grand Chieftain Azhar]]
|[[Grand Chieftain Azhar]]
|East or [[Reich des Drachen|Drachen]]
|East of [[Reich des Drachen|Drachen]]
|<div style="font-size:11pt;color:#555366;">Grey (#555366)</div>
|<div style="font-size:11pt;color:#555366;">Grey (#555366)</div>
|Heavy infantry, heavy cavalry
|Heavy infantry, heavy cavalry

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Name Ruler Location Color (Hex) Unit Types
Kingdom of Perisno (Player Kingdom) Player Anywhere Any Archers, infantry, and cavalry
Kingdom of Tolrania King Torlian West
Red (#D50B0B)
Heavy infantry & archers
Reich des Drachen Kaiser Otto IV Northeast
Orange (#FF6600)
Heavy cavalry, archers, infantry
Drahara Sultan Yusuf al-Salah Desert on the east
Purple (#C914FF)
Light infantry & archers, light-to-heavy cavalry
Maccavia Agathor Krex Northwest
Blue (#1B7EEF)
Heavy infantry & crossbowmen
Elintor Queen Arwen West of the center of the map, south of Tolrania
Green (#10C60A)
Excellent archers & heavy horse archers
Hakkon Empire Emperor Hakkon II South
Yellow (#FAF20B)
Medium infantry & lancers, crossbowmen
Realm of the Falcon Field Marshall Gunnar Southwest
White (#FCF6F6)
Heavy cavalry and horse archers
Valahir Clan King Ingveld North
Brown (#B6750D)
Heavy infantry & archers
Kaikoth Confederation King Bergnar Southeast
Steel blue (#5F7E90)
Heavy Infantry & crossbowmen
Geldar Geldarin King Rhinio Southwest of Elintor
Aqua (#00C191)
Excellent archers & heavy cavalry
Cretas Monarchy King Aolas Between Drachen and Drahara
Light Brown (#FFB597)
Light cavalry, heavy infantry
Kuu-lan Horde Boshman Baatur East of Drahara
Dark Brown (#C16D5D)
Cavalry and horse archers
Bakhal Giants Vandr Jornleikr Far east
Dark Blue (#000064)
Heavy infantry
Sut Giants Grand Chieftain Azhar East of Drachen
Grey (#555366)
Heavy infantry, heavy cavalry
Aroulo Ojibwakan Aroulo Pomaahkaa Island on far west
Light Green (#A6AF00)
Infantry, archers, leaf bomb throwers
Zann Dynasty Emperor Zann Mandate of Heaven (Invading)
Black (#010101)
Infantry, archers & horse archers
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