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Eriallen Krysanna
Starting Information
Kingdom Geldar
Title Vassal
Gender Female
Age 27
Personality Bad-Tempered
Household Troops Gatrodectus Shadestalkers and Geldarin Fountain Temptress
Unique Template Yes
FullSize Krysanna

Eriallen Krysanna is a vassal of Geldarin King Rhinio of Geldar.


Being born a Geldarin Elf, Krysanna hates both Eriallen Arwen and Geldarin King Rhinio due to the fact that they are always at each other's necks, and sees them both as incompetent leaders for being incapable of ending the war amongst the elves. After visiting the Fountain Temple, the Priestess of the Fountain's clairvoyance told a story of greatness that awaited Krysanna. Hearing this, she bestowed upon herself the title Eriallen and ventured out with the blessings of the Fountain Goddess. She trained Fountain Temptresses that were willing to follow her path to possibly finally ending the war between Elintor and Geldar through force, creating the elite mounted archers known as the Shadestalkers. Her bad-tempered personality comes from being impatient, and feels that in order to get things done she has to take matters into her own hands.


At the start of the game Eriallen Krysanna owns the village of Krysiana.


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