Elintor is a kingdom of elves, renowned for their archery. The Elintoran troop tree only splits into two lines, archer and mounted archer. While both are equally lethal and have good armor, both are rather vulnerable to heavy cavalry and can be killed easily if not careful. However it's said that no army has ever been able to get close enough for the elves to draw their sword.



Household troops:

Other troops:

Noble TroopEdit

As of 0.6, noble recruitment is available in all player-owned castles and towns. Elintoran Highelf Sentinels are available from all Elintor starting towns and castles. Comparable to the Elintoran Ranger or Archer, Sentinels are, like all elves, deadly archers, although not particularly well-armored. Elintoran Wardens, on the other hand, are well-armored from head to toe, and have maximized combat skills. Both are equipped with shields and swords for melee, unlike their two-handed bretheren, giving them balanced ability in both attack and defence.


Obviously, with a troop tree full of archers, the wise thing to do is to sit in a comfortable position, raining down arrows and laughing at the enemy who is foolish enough to engage. But the more effective method is to use the mounted archers to kite them around, while the foot archers pick off everything. Even when out of ammo, one elf can efficiently fight against the enemies with a good sword, and very high athletics.

Unique FeatureEdit

Because the Elintor troop tree is comprised solely of archers, it's a very good place to build a decent siege specialized army, both offensively and defensively. All Elintor elves are archer starting from their first-tier, which allows them to possess the advantage of fighting at long range. Also, their skill and attribute levels are the highest compared to all other major faction troops, both the noble and the cultural troops.

Unfortnately, this puts them at a disadvantage against fast moving cavalry such as the Falconians and they will have a hard time beating heavy infantry-based armies equipped with durable shields. So it is recommended to have at least some shieldmen of your own (for example, Ingvar's soldiers) to protect your archers.

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