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Elintor is one of the major factions of Perisno. It occupies the densely forested areas of southwestern Perisno, and is bordered by the Kingdom of Tolrania to the north, the Hakkon Empire to the southeast, the Realm of the Falcon to the south, and Geldar to the west. It is led by Queen Arwen.


The Elintoran Naphali have resided in Perisno for ages. They’re extremely secretive and knowledge accumulated on them is scarce. The closest association any Perisnoans have had with them are the Tolranians. Both kingdoms fought side by side to defeat a massive Hakkon Army that invaded in the year 332. The notorious battle, dubbed 'Battle of Halfith' from then on, saw the Tolranians and Elintoran Naphali combined forces to defeat the larger Hakkon army. That fight solidified the might of Naphali archers in Tolranian minds. It was because of them that they managed to defeat the Hakkon army. They fired volley after volley at the legionnaires and when they sent in the lancers, they were outmaneuvered by Tolranian cavalry archers. After securing victory, the Elintorans returned to their reclusive way of life and eventually good relations with the Tolranians were broken. Forty years later, they’re fighting a bitter war against them for unclear reasons. 


Currently, the Elintoran nation is ruled by Queen Arwen. It is not unusual for women to hold positions of power in the Naphali hierarchy. Some of the most notorious Elintoran rulers were, in fact, queens. However, times are changing in the Elintoran province. Some people, including the claimant, hold the belief that men should rule.



Tier Troop
1st Elintoran Hunter
2nd Elintoran Scout
3rd Elintoran Bowman
4th Elintoran Archer Elintoran Rider
5th Elintoran Ranger Elintoran Sunrise Rider
6th Elintoran Crimson Ranger Elintoran Knight
Tier Troop
1st Elintoran Highelf Sentinel
2nd Elintoran Highelf Warden
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An in-depth guide to Elintor's troops can be found here.


  • Unrivaled archers are very effective at skirmishing and in siege defenses
  • Swift horse archers can harass enemy armies and divert attention from foot archers
  • Very powerful household troops


  • Archers are very susceptible to cavalry in field battles
  • Troops are slow to train and very expensive
  • No infantry options leads to difficult and costly offensive sieges




  • Efenas Castle
  • Esahil Castle
  • Ianthas Castle
  • Lyndel Castle
  • Maelond Castle
  • Serin Castle
  • Waal Castle


  • Arcady
  • Cymbelis
  • Dellon
  • Esari
  • Galmel
  • Ianthas
  • Istle
  • Nettlemist
  • Oyens
  • Pluvian
  • Slenor
  • Solune
  • Tempe
  • Themar
  • Umagroth
  • Waveshore