Dreaded Sword1

The Dreaded Sword was the sword wielded by the founder of the Demon Worshippers. His name unknown and his life shrouded in mystery, still he is remembered as the one who possessed a sword of such evil power. In hushed whispers those who saw the blade say that it seemed that darkness wrapped itself around the sword. 

The sword was lost after his death, and the Demon Worshippers have searched for it ever since. It is rumored that whoever possesses the sword will have the power of the Demons and that the Demon Worshippers will bow under the one who wields it. 

Dreaded Sword

Dreaded Sword


The Dreaded Sword cannot be obtained in 0.5, at least not by normal means (it can be obtained through the cheatmenu). It has a Swing of 59c and thrust attack of 41p, making it one of the best two handed swords in the entire game. It's speed rating is 98 and has a good weapon reach. It is one of the "Legendary Swords" of Perisno.

In version 0.71 The Dreaded Sword is obtained by defeating The Dreaded One and is automatically placed in your inventory along with 25,000 Aurums.