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The Dreaded Sword is a legendary weapon that can be found in Perisno. It is used in battle by the leader of the Grazir Worshippers, the Dreaded One.


The Dreaded Sword was the sword wielded by the founder of the Grazir Worshippers. His name unknown and his life shrouded in mystery, he is still remembered as the one who possessed this devastating tool of evil and power. In hushed whispers, those who saw the blade say that it seemed that darkness wrapped itself around the sword even in direct sunlight.

The sword was lost after his death, and the Grazir Worshippers have been searching for it ever since. It is rumored that whoever possesses the sword will be able to bend the wills of all who follow the True Demon. Those who escaped the wrath of the Dreaded One's onslaughts claim that the current master of the cultists was wielding a certain blade, one that matched descriptions of the ancient weapon found in ancient tomes and parchments from Galwe. Further sightings even claim that the descriptions of the founder of Grazir and that of this terrible foe of Perisno are identical, but only time will tell if there is any truth to these rumors.


The Dreaded Sword can be obtained by defeating the Dreaded One in the final battle for Perisno at the Shrine of Grazir. The player needs 4000 renown for this event to be triggered.


The Dreaded Sword heals the user upon dealing damage with it. Damage done to mounts and enemies both apply. More health is healed upon killing an enemy.