Dreaded One
Unique Spawn Information
Culture Demon Worshippers
Special Troop Dreaded Doomguard
Party Name Dreaded Nightmare
Spawn Location Around Galwe

The Dreaded One is a unique spawn and the leader of the Demon Worshippers. Upon defeating the Dreaded One, the Shrine of Grazir will appear on the map where the player can pursue him and his demonic followers.

Background Edit

The mysterious leader of the Demon Worshippers is a powerful, nearly inhumane eminence. He is said to have founded the Demon Worshippers and is now actively engaging against its enemies. Little is known about him or his past. The Dreaded One possesses the mythical Dreaded Sword, a legendary weapon, crafted from an unknown source and material for the founder of the Demon Worshippers. Furthermore his prowess and fighting style are unmatched by any entity, therefore the player should prepare for a powerful, if not the most powerful adversary if facing the Dreaded One in hand to hand combat.

As the highest ranking Demon Worshipper, it is claimed that the Dreaded One has a personal connection with the demonic deity, the True Demon. At the Shrine of Grazir, he can be seen standing in front of an offering of meat and weapons along with a ritual tome, implying this is where he makes contact with the True Demon.

Army Edit


The Dreaded One and his Doomguard in battle

The Dreaded One's party spawns with the following troops:

Total size: 332-447 men

Scouts Edit

The Dreaded Nightmare scouting parties spawn with the following troops:

  • 5-10 Dreaded Doomguards
  • 5-15 Dreaded Fiends

Skills Edit

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