Draharan Desert Assassin


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Draharan Desert Assassins are sixth-tier troops of Drahara. The main weakness of the Assassins is their relatively light armor, but this also makes them very fast and agile on the battlefield. They are equipped with one of the most powerful one-handed weapons in the game, the Assassin's Sword, which, paired with Assassination Daggers, makes the Desert Assassin one of the deadliest infantry troops in the game.


Head Armor: 35

Body Armor: 55

Leg Armor: 45

Assassin's Sword: 47c Damage, 105 Speed Rating, 115 Weapon Reach

Assassination Daggers: 35p Damage, 110 Speed Rating, 50 Missile Speed, 24 Carried.

Total Encumbrance: 15.6

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