Drahara has a troop tree that is not complex, but is still very useful. Top notch infantry and good cavalry, supported by archers that can double as infantry. The army of a Drahara Lord is often difficult to take on with inferior numbers.

Troops Edit


Household troops:

Other troops:

Noble TroopEdit

Starting from 0.6, noble recruitment is available from towns and castles. Also, since towns have reputation points, the amount of noble's that can be recruited will increase or decrease alongside with the number of relationship points procurred. Draharan noble will begin as Draharan Dune Rider. Though lightly armored, Drahara Dune Rider's swiftness makes them a hard target to land a blow on and once they become a Royal Rider, these horsemen are as devastating as Drachen's heavy cavalry.


Drahara relies heavily on infantry, Shadow Warriors in particular, to survive on the battlefield. Shadow Warrior is a swift medium-heavy infantry with good weapon and shield, can be devastating in one on one situations with other top tier unit, in spite of being a lower tier one. Assassin, the hardest hitting troop, can 1HKO other medium-light armor troops very quickly. 

The way the Drahara armies attack is to use their fast cavalry to initiate the charge with Shadow Warriors mixed with Storm Archers, while Assassins follow up and engage in close range combat. The Storm Archer, while being a ranged unit, is better at mid range with fast firing rate.

In defensive battles, group up Shadow Warriors and Veteran Spearmen and make a shieldwall formation to stop any cavalry charge, while hiding Assassins behind them. Storm Archers shine the most when the enemy charge into the archer line, expecting a easy kill.

Unique FeaturesEdit

Assassin is upgraded from Shadow Warrior, so a good portion of both will be better. The player needs to decide when and how many Shadow Warriors get upgraded, to maximize the power of both. The same goes for Wind Archers, upgraded from a lesser horse archer but very fast and effective on open ground.

Drahara troops have unique mounts, including camel and elephant. The camel is not much different from horse and not as strong as war horses. But the elephant maybe troublesome, because of their massive HP and powerful charge which makes them an effective shield walls and charging machine.