Demon Worshippers pic

The Demon Worshippers is a minor faction that inhabits the lands of the Kingdom of Tolrania. It is led by the Dreaded One

The Worshippers originated a long time ago in Perisno. They have some unnaturally strong troops and their pilgrims are numerous. Occasionally, you may also even see their War Parties roaming around. The time of change is coming ... 


The Demon Worshippers have always been in Perisno, preaching and trying to spread their vile beliefs. Most sensible men ignored them and told their children stories of the Worshippers to scare them but there are always some foolish men that fall under the beliefs of Demons. The Demon Worshippers are ordered in a hierarchy, with the Demon Invoker at the top. None of them are actually demons, but there are rumors that recently research has been made by the Demon Worshippers to really summon Demons into the world through the Underworld. Whether this is true or not remains for the player to decide (and find out). 



An army of Demon Worshippers

The Demon Lords are unnaturally strong and very hard to defeat. Like the Eagle Knights, lower tier Demon troops are able to upgrade. Aside from the Pilgrims, Demon Worshiper units are all mounted.

Unique Spawns Edit

Currently the Demon Worshipers field two unique spawns:

Marshall Ialoch the Fiend

Dreaded Nightmare

Both spawns are extremely powerful, with the Dreaded Nightmare spawn being the deadliest of them both. The player should face them only in late-game and with an highly experienced and battle hardened army of high-tier units.

Relations Edit

The Demon Worshippers have little in the way of friends as all major factions and almost every single minor faction is hostile to them, as a result they will often be of little threat and their unique spawns will not last long on the field.