The Darkforest Ranger Bow is a legendary weapon that can be found in Perisno.


Most of the information on the Darkforest Ranger Bow comes from a series of scrolls by the Keeper of the Imperial Library Plutonarchus, titled Perisno, Land of Myths and Legends. The translation of his work states: 

Some say they are made from the heart of an ironwood tree that has been struck by lightning. Others swear the Old Gods themselves made them from the bones of the land itself. The exact manufacture of Darkforest Ranger Bows is shrouded in mystery and conjecture. Even expert bowyers of ancient lineage who have examined the weapons have shrugged in disbelief at the near mythical qualities exhibited by these weapons. No two are alike, but each is unmistakable in their look and feel.

Those who have owned such exquisite weapons tell of their strange properties. They describe the pull as initially "ferocious" but tapering off to "feather-lite" at full draw. Targets of this weapon rarely live to report it, however, marginal notes from field surgeons and scribes tell of arrows from a singular and distinctive enemy bow having penetrated full field plate. These references are sprinkled throughout various chronicles of several Perisno cultures.


Unlike most legendary weapons, there are many ways to obtain the Darkforest Ranger Bow:

  1. Tamaris comes equipped with Darkforest Ranger Bow, and therefore the player can obtain the bow by hiring her for 50,000 aurums. (Tamaris no longer has one as of current version .99)
  2. The player can complete the Geldar quest for Sidhethon at the tavern in Forniron. He will give the player the bow and 50 Geldar Noble troops upon the quest's completion.
  3. The bow can be bought from merchants in Elintoran or Falcon towns.
  4. The bow can rarely be found in the inventory of the Mystic Merchant.
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