Count Rylorius
Starting Information
Kingdom Kingdom of Tolrania
Title Vassal
Gender Male
Age 63
Personality Self-righteous
Household Troops Tolranian Knights of The Crown
Unique Template None
Fullview Rylorius

Count Rylorius is a vassal of King Torlian of the Kingdom of Tolrania and the father of Count Ryinia.
Count Rylorius is deeply devoted to the idea of great and prosperous Tolrania, although his views are not always the same as those of other lords and King Torlian. Rylorius's household troops - Knights of The Crown - are reflection of his vision of Tolrania's glory.

Fiefs Edit

At the start of the game Count Rylorius owns Headow Castle and the village of Nerana.

Skills Edit

Skills Rylorius
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