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The Church of Faith is a minor faction that inhabits the lands of the Kingdom of Tolrania. It is led by Grand Paladin Siegfried.

The Church of Faith is the main institution of worship of the Lord of Faith in Perisno. While they share many values with the Order of the Eagle, notably their hatred of the Demon Worshipers, and spawn as a result of the war between the Eagle Knights and Demon Worshippers, they are a separate faction and start friendly with the player. They are hostile to bandit groups and Demon Worshipers, and they are also notably hostile to giants.

Lore Edit

See Lord of Faith

Troops Edit

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Church of Faith cavalry charge

The Church of Faith have 2 short upgrade lines. The first is the Disciple of Faith who upgrades into the Defender of Faith, they are mildly strong infantry with shields and occasionally crossbows. The second however is the Templar of Faith who upgrades into the Paladin of Faith, a huge step up from their infantry counterparts, they are among the strongest units in the entirety of Perisno. The Church of Faith army tends to roam around the Kingdom of Tolrania but can often roam into Maccavian and Reich lands.

Unique Spawn Edit

The only spawn of the Church of Faith is Grand Paladin Siegfried who spawns at the same time as the Dreaded One when the Order of the Eagle and Demon Worshipers reach the peak of their war.

Relations Edit

The Church of Faith is friendly with most of the major factions in the game, including starting with high relations to the player. They are notably hostile to the Sut Giants and Bakhal Giants, as well as the Zann Dynasty.

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