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The Border Patrol is a minor faction that can be found in all corners of the land, usually scouting around the major towns of Perisno.

Lore Edit

The Border Patrol are a vigilante policing force that have existed in Perisno as long as there have been outlaws to hunt down. With recent increases in outlaw activity in the form of tougher enemies like the Demon Worshippers and the Volheere Raiders, the Border Patrol have stepped up their militarization efforts. Led by veteran Sheriff troops, the Border Patrol parties hunt down bandits of any affilition for bounties and spoils throughout the realm. Though not aligned with any major faction, they will often be contracted by lords for specific tasks or even to fight as mercenaries alongside the lord.

Troops Edit

Tier Troop
1st Glory Seeking Man
2nd Volunteer Village Guard
3rd Bounty Scout City Guard
4th Bounty Hunter Sergeant of the Guard
5th Elite Bounty Hunter Inspector
6th Captain of the Guard Sheriff
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