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Austad is a character that plays a crucial role in the Third Legion and resulting Venetoran Empire factions in Perisno. He is central to the Third Legion quest.

Visavo Austad[]

Visavo Austad


Weekly Wages
79-317 aurums
Acquire From
Upgrades To

Austad begins the game as a Visavo of the Third Legion under the command of Atanos Octiem. He represents the only ideological opposition to the current Atanos, secretly planning a mutiny against Octiem to take the Legion back into capable hands. However, he lacks the popular support of the other generals, and therefore requires the help of the player to overthrow the Legion's leader.


As one of the Third Legion's seven senior Visavo officers, Austad commands an elite cohort of 51 Legion soldiers that consists of:

When the player accepts Austad's proposal to fight Atanos Octiem, this cohort joins forces with the player to achieve victory. Upon the defeat of Octiem, Austad assumes the role of the new Atanos of the Legion.

Atanos Austad[]

Atanos Austad
Starting Information
Kingdom Venetoran Empire
Title Monarch
Gender Male
Age 49
Personality Liege
Household Troops Venetoran Atanon Guard
Unique Template None

When Austad first assumes the role of Atanos, he is put in charge of the remaining Third Legion forces and people. With the help of the player, Austad and his men eventually reclaim their ancient city, Venetor, and the Venetoran Empire is officially reestablished with Austad at its helm. The Third Legion troops that he previously fielded now become Venetoran troops, and he is given a personal protection detail consisting of the famed Venetoran Atanon Guard. Accompanied by his two vassals, Visavo Hendrus and Visavo Caecorrow, Austad sets his sights on ensuring the Venetoran Empire flourishes in the land of Perisno.


Atanos Austad becomes the lord of Venetor when the Venetoran Empire is reincarnated.