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The Assassins of Ral'Daiun is a minor faction that roams the lands of central Perisno, west of Drahara and east of Tolrania. It is led by Ral'Daiun


The Assassins of Ral'Daiun is a secretive order of assassins founded long ago. At first, they were mercenaries, working for anyone willing to part with their coin.

One of their own, named Ral, rose through the ranks and became the Order Assassin ( title for the leaders of all Assassins ). By political maneuverings, mass recruitment and continual training, he greatly expanded their order, and soon the Assassins had operations and outposts all over Perisno. Some say that their influence and operations spread to foreign continents like Nisaynia and Khergia. Others talk of rumors of a hidden fortress and library built by Ral himself. The truth is known only to the Assassins.

Once all of Ral's plans were in place, he began a plan of world domination using his army of elite assassins. However, the effort failed, and Ral and his order were forced back into their outposts and castles. After Ral died, his zealous followers named their Order after him.

The assassins have remained reclusive, until recently. In the year 358, another mysterious man rose to power. His followers called him Ral'Daiun, which was, in their own dialect, Ral reborn. Ral'Daiun immediately renewed the work of strengthening the assassin order. His plan this time is not to dominate Perisno through force, but to assassinate all of the nobility and replace them with puppets to control Perisno. Soon, he will be ready and his plans will be in place. The player will decide whether he wants to help them, join them, or become their enemy.

Troops Edit

The Assassins of Ral'Daiun only work in the field with other members when they are accomplished killers. Their initiates and members in training usually go through a vigorous training course which is secret, and many are assigned smaller assassination missions first. The fully accomplished ones are very strong individually, but the one thing they lack is cohesion. They do not know how to work as a team, so if the player happens to encounter one of their parties, they can use that against them. 

Parties Edit

Parties of Rul'Daiun Assassins (20-48 soldiers in each before they get into fights) can be found west of Bulgan, near the central lake or in the nearby region.

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