Aris Hakkon
Starting Information
Kingdom Hakkon Empire
Title Claimant
Gender Female
Age 30
Personality Liege
Household Troops Hakkon Royal Guards
Unique Template None
Fullview Aris.jpg

Aris Hakkon is a claimant to the throne of Hakkon Empire.

Aris' claim[edit | edit source]

I am Aris Hakkon, the rightful leader of the New Hakkon Empire. I am the daughter of the former emperor, Emperor Comrey. I was going to be the next ruler of the Hakkon Empire, but as soon as our ships landed on Perisnoan soil, Emperor Hakkon II had his men take me prisoner and throw me into a dungeon. Fortunately, I also have allies, and my loyal followers broke me out of prison. Emperor Hakkon II continued his search for me, and when he did not find me, ignore me.
It was the worst decision he ever made. For his ten years as ruler, I have plagued him and spread word of who the actualy ruler is. Hakkon II has lied and deceived his way to his current position. He has failed to follow traditional Hakkonese customs and done everything in a new way, which is unacceptable. If he is to run this country any longer that he has already, the Hakkon Empire will break apart under poor leadership.
I have been gathering a loyal army, and soon, I will be able to strike back against Hakkon. When I do so, he better be ready, because he will not dare to face my wrath.

Emperor Hakkon II's response[edit | edit source]

It is true that I locked up Aris once we landed on Perisnoan soil. But it is not without reason. I did so to prevent the kingdom from erupting into a civil war. Aris is the daughter of King Comrey, who is a mad king and is the reason of the Tolranian's migration and ours. We left the Hakkon island to escape the Regime of Comrey, Aris's father.
Aris seems to share her father's madness. I cannot have someone as wretched and detestable as her leading our great empire. She may say what she will about me, but it changes nothing. She is still the crazy little daughter of King Comrey, and the one who will bring the downfall of Hakkon should she be given the chance.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Skills Aris.jpg

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