Archduke Valthaauuionnon
Starting Information
Kingdom Elintor
Title Vassal
Gender Male
Age 72
Personality Selfrighteous
Household Troops Elintoran Elite
Unique Template None

Archduke Valthaauuionnon is a vassal of Queen Arwen of Elintor. Edit

Biography Edit

Little is known of his early years, for the secrecy of the Elintorns means information about them derives primarily from scant tales.

However, he is famed in Tolrania as the Elvish Duke who came to aid their kingdom during the Hakkon Invasion of 332 AE when King Hakkon IV marched his armies north to bring to heel the ex-Hakkonians. In respect of the defensive pact signed one year previously between their races, Valthaauuionnon led a contingent of 700 Elintoran archers east to assemble with Field Marshall Dacien and a smaller elvish force, after which they marched for the Halfith mountain pass where they planned to meet the Hakkon army on higher ground.

During the battle itself Valthaauuionnon commanded the rear, leading the archers against the Hakkonese. It was these archers that proved to be the deciding factor in the battle, especially the Elintoran rangers, as they cut down the beleaguered Hakkon crossbowmen and especially their lancers, turning the tide of the battle.

The battle was the pinnacle of Elintoran and Tolranian relations, and Duke Valthaauunionnon is still regarded with at the very least a high respect for his part in the Hakkonese invasion. In Elintorn he was congratulated and even promoted to Archduke for his efforts during the campaign.

However, time eroded the memory of the Westery Alliance, and soon enough Elintorn retreated back into her forests and the Alliance of old sundered. Still, Valthaauuionnon maintained a warm relationship with Dacien through till his dying days.

Fiefs Edit

At the start of the game, Archduke Valthaauuionnon owns Esahil Castle.

Skills Edit

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