Aracanus is one of the companions that can be found in Perisno.

Background Edit

Not much is known about Aracanus. When the player first meets him, he claims he is from a time when only the gods walked the Earth, and he wields the legendary sword named Flamebringer. Aracanus states that he is a descendant of the one who forged the sword, so it belongs to him, yet the player is able to take it from him. Aracanus likes Tamaris for they are both powerful warriors, and both very tactical. He resents Dietrich and never respond to the latter's questions. He is supposed to dislike Dohosan for the latter's battle style, but since Dohosan got removed this is never to be happening.

Troops Edit

As a lord, Aracanus trains Perisnoan troops. He also has his own unique household troops, the Arcane Defenders.

Skills Edit


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