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The Ankars is a minor faction that inhabits the Amazon forests north of Elsinore. It is led by Matriarch Aegea.


The Ankars are a matriarchal society; only women are allowed to lead or have positions of leadership. The men are usually slaves and prisoners of war who are killed after their usefulness ends. Any male sons are also killed, and females are trained to fight from an early age. The Ankars also have Succubus to conduct these rituals and sometimes fight on the frontline, wielding huge swords but little armor. The Ankars have been in Perisno for many years and have never wandered past their territory, in the Tolranian Forests. Orders like the Order of the Eagle and the Wolf Knights think they are abnormal and need to be killed. Because of their location, they fight frequently with Tolrania and the Tolranian Outlaws inhabiting the forests.


Unique Spawn Edit

Aegea was still very young when the the Ankar matriarchy decided to crown her their rightful Queen. Due to a close friend being killed by Tolranians, she despises every Tolranian whatsoever. Fielding the greatest of all Ankar armies, she is on a personal vendetta against Tolrania and everybody despising the Ankar Matriarchy. This has already lead to several conflicts and crisis, even near defeats against an Tolranian army. Only due to Elvary intervention by Queen Arwen, was the Ankar army saved from total defeat and destruction. While the reasons for the sudden Elintoran support are unknown (possibly to gain an potential ally in Elintor's seemingly endless wars against the Tolranians), Aegea displays deep gratitude towards Queen Arwen, and tolerates Elintor's sovereignty. This is most noticeable on the equipment and armor of Aegea and her elite household troops, the Ankars Matriarch's Guard, who both wear elven helmets as a gesture of sympathy and respect. Queen Aegea is hostile towards the player at the beginning of the game, even if becoming an elven vassal or mercenary.

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