Agnare Stormcloak is one of the companions that can be found in Perisno

Background Edit

Agnare Stormcloak is a priest of the Maccavian Old Gods. He has wandered from tavern to tavern, preaching his beliefs. He is a relatively new priest, and has only recently been accepted into the Old Gods Sect. He has been looking for a mercenary company or a group to join and preach his beliefs to. Not only a preacher, he can also fight well, and has a vast amount of knowledge on different subjects. He is more of a "blank" character, and the player can choose where his talents lie.

He dislikes Uldin because the latter disrespected his belief and is uneducated. He also resents Shi Jin after seeing how the latter humilates and mocks the wounded enemies. He likes Alindel because the latter healed his wounds in three days.

Troops Edit

As a lord, Agnare trains Maccavian troops.

Skills Edit

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