Aethling Svafar
Starting Information
Kingdom Valahir Clan
Title Vassal
Gender Male
Age 56
Personality Self-righteous
Household Troops None
Unique Template Yes
Fullview Svafar

Aethling Svafar is a vassal of King Ingveld from the Valahir Clan.
He is the husband of Ethel Ela and one of 2 Valahir lords (the other is Aethling Guntar) who use Volheere troops.

Fiefs Edit

At the start of the game Aethling Svafar owns villages Kaldrus and Skapta.

Skills Edit

Skills Svafar

Quest Edit

If you choose the unique start option "A cold island far to the north" You will start a quest at the beginning of the game to avenge a dead tribesman of the island Hylr by killing Svafar. This quest can be completed by capturing the lord, which will cause a new option to appear in the prisoner dialogue menu of the lord, which can be used to duel and kill him.

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